Unlock your Nokia phone -- NEW!! Unbrand your Nokia phone -- New!!! Nokia BB5 (3G) 6630, 6680 6681, N70 and N90 Unlocking -- Site Map New Free Nokia Ringtones: John Farnham; You're The Voice - Christina Aguilera; Beautiful; Dirty - Pink; Family Portrait - DJ Sammy; Heaven - Missy Elliot: Work It - Kelly Rowland; Stole - Harry Potter; Movie Theme - J.Lo; Jenny Form the Block - Nelly Ft. Kelly, Dilemma - Shakira; Whenever Wherever; Underneath Your Clothes - Eminem; Without Me; Cleaning Out My Closet - Star Wars - Nelly; Hot In Here
Free Nokia Ringtones Free Nokia RingtonesFree Nokia Ringtones
Step #1

Look at my huge list of composer ringtones and find one you want. Or alternatively the list is quite big so if you are on a modem connection you could down load the zipped up version of the whole thing for off line browsing which is much smaller listoftunes.zip However you do it find a tune and move to step #2.


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       Step #2

Either Download my program to convert the ringtones into key presses and play the tune on your PC or read my comprehensive instructions on how work the Nokia composer yourself. You could even try both. Visit the download page or read the instructions:

Download Page Instructions

One more thing...

I'm quite fond of the 3310 game Bantumi and I wanted to see if I was any good at it so I wrote a two player version. Which can be down loaded here. The game is controled using the numerical keypad the same as on the phone and so you must have Num Lock switched on. No instructions are included.


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Finally for any queries or if you have a ringtone i can add to my list E - Mail me.

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Unlock your Nokia phone
NEW!! Unbrand your Nokia phone
New!!! Nokia BB5 (3G) 6630, 6680 6681, N70 and N90 Unlocking

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