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Nokia Composer Compatibility Guide

  • Phones fall basically into three categories:-

    1. Phones with a built-in composer - this is the best one;
    2. Phones that support 'downloaded' ringtones, this is not so good but OK;
    3. Phones that do not support custom ringtones at all, this is bad.

  • As far as I know this is the only list of composer compatible phones on the web so if I have made any mistakes then please E - Mail me. and I'll sort it out.

  • Phones in category:-

    1. 2100 3210 3310 3330 3390 3395 3410 5210 7650

    2. 3285 3360 3510* 3650* 5100* 5190 5510 6100* 6210 6250 6310 6340 6360 6370 6510 6610* 6800* 7160 7210* 7250* 8210 8260 8265 8270 8290 8310 8390 8850 8890 8910i*

    3. 5110 5140
    * these phones support polyphonic ringtones, i'm not sure which have a composer, perhaps someone could tell me.

  • What this means for you the following section explains exactly what this means for you if you are in category:-

    1. You can use this site exactly as it was intended, you simply need to chose your ringtone from the list of ringtones then select the composer function from you phone's menu and enter the key presses generated by my program. It's as simple as that, the whole thing should take you a couple of minutes.

    2. As I see it you have two choices:

      a) you can use this site in the normal way, chosing a ringtone from the list of ringtones but instead of entering the key presses generated by my program into your phone (which of course you can't) you enter them into someone else's phone that does have the composer. Once you've done this you can simply send the ringtone to your phone, this only costs the same as a normal text message. Or

      b) You can spend a small fortune on getting a ringtone sent to you the conventional way. I think if you look around you can get them for about 1 in the UK but you can also pay upto 5, please don't do this it upsets me. Since I've been running this site i've been contacted by a few telecoms companies asking if I want to go commercial, they have offered to send ringtones to my customers at a cost to me of 2 pence per message!!! You may wonder why your phone doesn't have a composer: I wonder this too. Nokia could add it so easily to all new phones but chose not to, I can only assume it's because they make money from selling ringtones at club-nokia.

    3. Sorry there is nothing you can do. You need to get a new phone, ringtones are annoying anyway. - Nigel

Last updated 8 dec '02


Nigel Coldwell

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