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Nokia BB5 (3G) 6630, 6680 6681, N70 and N90 Unlocking

I provide this service with no guarantees, every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct but you perform this entirely at your own risk, I accept no responsibility for any loss direct or otherwise.

I would add that this process is not as straight forward as with the older nokias.


This works on 6630, 6680 6681, N70 and N90

Download the archive from Dejan Kaljevic's own site:
HERE (bottom of the page called Nokia BB5 Loger & Calculator)
And extract the zip to somwhere convenient such as your desktop.

You can now either run the INSTALL.bat or else perform it's actions yourself the installation simply does the following

md c:\bb5_unlocker\  'md is the dos command for make directory
md c:\bb5_unlocker\backup
md c:\bb5_unlocker\logs
md c:\bb5_unlocker\psw
copy install.bat c:\bb5_unlocker\
copy bb5_calc.exe c:\bb5_unlocker\
copy bb5logunlocker.exe c:\bb5_unlocker\
copy bb5logunlock.txt c:\bb5_unlocker\
copy bb5_unlocker.cfg c:\bb5_unlocker\logs\

note the directory name must be called bb5_unlocker or the programme will not work. You can delete these files when you're done.


For this program you need Fbus cable like DK5, CA43 or similar conected to one of the ports from COM1 to COM9. This must be the correct cable for the phone, not just one that fits.

Edit the File C:\bb5_unlocker\logs\bb5_unlocker.cfg using notepad or similar to the correct port for your FBUS cable. By defalut it reads COM2: You can find your correct port my looking in your device manager. (right click my computer - properties - hardware - device manager - ports)


the programme BB5logunlocker.exe can only be launched if the .cfg file has been edited properly.

Connect the phone with the SIM card removed

launch BB5logunlocker.exe if you didn't use the bat file.


Click 'read phone', this will display some info regarding the phone including the lock status.

Click 'Back Up' do not modify this file.

Click 'Make Log' this will add a file to the logs folder for your phone.

Launch BB5_calc.exe this can use the log file to calculate the unlock code for your phone. This will be saved to th folder PSW.

Click SP unlock - Unlocking done.

Unlock Codes From Your Network

If you got an anlock code from your network but messed up entering it via the key pad then it can be done from here. you will simply create the file in the PSW folder yourself.

create a file in the psw folder called xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_BB5.psw where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is your IMEI number.

The contents of that file should be:
where yyyyyyyyyyyyyy is the unlock code and c is the unlock level number (1-7) then use the SP Unlock feature as before.

Nokia BB5 (3G) 6630, 6680 6681, N70 and N90 Unlocking : Nokia DCT 4 Unlocking
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