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Nokia S60 Hotmail & Windows Live

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Users of Nokia S60, Symbian devices have a bit of a dilemma when trying to access hotmail. For some reason the wap version can be a bit hit and miss but people with standard accounts can't access hotmail through their phones mail client because they don't have access to POP3 or IMAP4. Helpfully Nokia and Microsoft got together and wrote the windows live application for series 60 devices supporting MSN Messenger and Hotmail.

That you might think would be the end of it but for an even more inexplicable reason many network customised versions of Nokia phones have had windows live removed from their downloads folder. I don't know why but some of the networks don't seem to like their bandwidth being used for instant messaging. That leaves us with the option of either debranding our phone and restoring it to the way Nokia intended before your network got their grubby hands on it or getting the hotmail app another way....

Compatible Phones

At the time of writing this application is compatible with Nokia: 5700 Music Express, 6110 Navigator, 6120c, E51, E61i, E65, E90, N73 (firmware v3.0638.0.01 or above,) N76, N80, N81, N82, N93i, N95 and the N95 8GB. I'd expect it to work with all new symbian devices such as the N96 etc.

Downloading the Application

PC users should download the zip file...

Icon for Winzip file

And first install the file dep.sisx (nokia contacts service Support Package 1.00) then windowslive.sis (Windows Live 1.00 6141)

People browsing from their phone can install directly to their phone from their browser by first clicking on the dep file then on the windows live file below.

SIS file icon
dep.sisx 17k
SIS file icon
windowslive.sis 838k

Using the Application

The application exists in two main parts, the email client which sits alongside the standard nokia email client....

accesing the otmail cient the mail box with the welcome mail

The picture shows the windows live or hotmail mail box sitting alongside the standard messaging application in the phone. the icon shown shows new mail. Note whilst the hotmail or windows live mail are accessed from the usual place they are still not setup or controlled from Messaging > Settings... the settings must be input through the application.....

shows the windows live application in the applications directory
Windows live hotmail

The picture on the left shows the newly added application in the applications folder where you can also switch between messenger, spaces search etc.

It's also worth mentioning that they have managed to integrate your phone and hotmail contacts together quite nicely.

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