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Creating a new ringing tone

When you enter this function, the tone that you created previously is shown, if available. To enter a new or edit an existing tone:
Enter the desired notes. For example, press [4]  for note f. The phone plays each note after it is entered (unless the phone tones are off).

To adjust the characteristics of the note, do as follows:

Note duration: [8] shortens (-) and [9]  lengthens (+) the duration of the note or rest. The default duration is 1/4. The duration is shown in front of the note, e.g. 16d denotes a note d with duration 1/16.
Pressing and holding a note key lengthens the note by half, indicated by a dot after the duration, e.g. 8.a.

Rest: [0] inserts a rest (i.e. pause) of the same duration as the previous note. The default duration of a rest is one quarter note (1/4). The rest is indicated by the - character.

Octave: [*] sets the octave for new notes. The octave is shown as a number after the note (e.g. e1).

Pitch:  [#] makes the note sharp (indicated by # in front of the note), e.g. #f. The pitch selection is not available for notes e and b.

(source: Nokia 3210 PDF User's Guide. Though I imagine the 3310 3330 3390 3395 3410 5210 etc. guides look pretty similar.)

4g2 8.#a2 16g2 16- 16g2 8c3 8g2 8f2

Key presses:

 5    *   (6)   8    #    5    8    0    5    1    9    *    5    *    *    4
  • The first note is 4g2 that means the note 'g' that lasts a quarter of a note length in octave 2. The first press is [5] this corresponds to the note 'g'. The next press is [*] since the default octave is 1 we need to press the octave key to change to octave 2. This note is complete and we move on to the next.
  • The second note is 8.#a2 this looks complicated but it follows the same rules as before. It means note 'a' of length 1/8 plus 50% in octave 2 and it's sharp (what ever that means.) Since the note is 'a' we have to press [6] only this time we have to hold it as indicated by the fact it is in brackets in order to increase the length by 50% (i.e. make the dot.) The next key press is [8] this is to change the length. The length needs to be reduced by 1 step as 1/8 is less than 1/4 and the sequence of lengths available are, from longest to shortest, 1/1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 The final key press is [#] that is to make the note sharp.
The sequence is covers pretty much everything so now all you have to do is play it. Select a tempo of 100 and play, it should sound like Axle F. Good Luck.

There's some more help included in the FAQ on the Download page.


Nigel Coldwell