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This is an index of all the pages on my site to help with navigation.

index.html This is the front page.  
tunes.html This is the frameset page which displays the list of ringtones.
  left.html - left frame.
  listoftunes.html - the actual list
compat.html This page contains an up-to-date list of nokia hand sets and explains which ones can be used with this site.  
downpage.html This is the download page for my program 'nokia ringtone converter' which allows you to change ringtones between composer and key-press format. It also contains the instructions for the program. downpage2000.html contains further information for users of Windows 2000/XP  
instructions.html This page has a comprehensive list of instructions for using the nokia composer taken from the 3210 user guide plus some additinal examples provided by me.  
unlock A guide to unlocking DCT4 nokia phones so that they can be used on any network.  
bb5 Unlocking for nokia BB5 monile phones such as 6630, 6680 6681, N70 and N90
firmware.htm An unbrading solution to remove the customised firmware appied by the network and apply the generic firmware, with product codes.
nokiacodes.html Hold a list of control codes that can be used to modify the behaviour of your nokia such as improving the sound quality. Plus some tips on how to get the most from your T9 predictive text messaging.  
This page contains something that I thought was quite interesting when I found out. You won't know what you think unless you click on it. Let Me know. The 160k 'list of tunes' in zipped format (17k) The converter program in zipped format A two player version of the game Bantumi Another website of mine with some logical puzzles, have a look. Answers to the Da Vinci Code webquest. A solution i came up with for a problem facing the display on hi-res laptops relating to the useher registry command. Advice on updating the software / firmware on a Goodmans GDB2 freeview box. A comparison of different audio compression techniques including MP3, wma, aac, flac and wav at different bit rates. My main site.  



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